Watch Apostle (2018) Full Movie


Director:Gareth Evans
Writer:Gareth Evans
Stars:Dan Stevens, Michael Sheen, Lucy Boynton


The year is 1905. Thomas Richardson travels to a remote island to rescue his sister after she's kidnapped by a mysterious religious cult demanding a ransom for her safe return. It soon becomes clear that the cult will regret the day it baited this man, as he digs deeper and deeper into the secrets and lies upon which the commune is built.


Dan Stevens (Thomas Richardson)

Dan Stevens

Michael Sheen ()

Michael Sheen

Lucy Boynton (Andrea)

Lucy Boynton

Annes Elwy (Sinead)

Annes Elwy

Bill Milner ()

Bill Milner

Mark Lewis Jones (Quinn)

Mark Lewis Jones

Ross O

Ross O'Hennessy

Kristine Froseth (Ffion)

Kristine Froseth

Elen Rhys (Jennifer)

Elen Rhys

Juke Hardy (Harry

Juke Hardy

Ioan Hefin (Bell ringer)

Ioan Hefin

Richard Elfyn (Charles)

Richard Elfyn

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