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Release Date:2017-10-21
Director:Milcho Manchevski
Writers:Milcho Manchevski, Milcho Manchevski
Stars:Condola Rashad, Sarah Goldberg, Will Janowitz
Production:Czar Film, YN Films, Milkman Productions


A charismatic but mentally unstable vet captures the attention of a documentary film crew who are ready to exploit her story for their own shot at independent movie fame in this very modern, urban fairy tale set amidst a fractured ideal of family.


Condola Rashad (Bikini)

Condola Rashad

Sarah Goldberg (Kate)

Sarah Goldberg

Will Janowitz (Trevor)

Will Janowitz

Sathya Sridharan (Krishna)

Sathya Sridharan

Vladimir Bibic (Mr. Ilic)

Vladimir Bibic

Alyssa Cheatham (Alvina Wheatley)

Alyssa Cheatham

Gregory Dann (Policeman)

Gregory Dann

Peter Epstein (The judge)

Peter Epstein

Patricia R. Floyd (Mrs. Jackson)

Patricia R. Floyd

Gemma Forbes (Ines)

Gemma Forbes

Mykal-Michelle Harris (Ashley)

Mykal-Michelle Harris

Elaine Hyman (Mrs. Katz)

Elaine Hyman

A visual layer cake
4 March 2018 | by

My fascination with Milcho Manchevski's films started with a small house music video in the late 80s. I reacted to that video with the thought 'gifted.' With Bikini Moon I found myself thinking 'master at work!' Milcho's films have always been visually sophisticated and a delight to watch, thoughtful--and inquisitive--like the director. With Bikini Moon, Milcho treats us to a kind of steely impressionism that so suits the film's New York setting. Steely, because the visual edges are hard--like New York concrete, but impressionistic because the psychology is heart-wrenching and its fine actors, oh-so vulnerable.

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