Watch Sunset Blvd. (1950) Full Movie

Drama, Film-Noir

Release Date:1950-09-29
Director:Billy Wilder
Writers:Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder
Stars:William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim
Production:Paramount Pictures


In Hollywood of the 50's, the obscure screenplay writer Joe Gillis is not able to sell his work to the studios, is full of debts and is thinking in returning to his hometown to work in an office. While trying to escape from his creditors, he has a flat tire and parks his car in a decadent mansion in Sunset Boulevard. He meets the owner and former silent-movie star Norma Desmond, who lives alone with her butler and driver Max Von Mayerling. Norma is demented and believes she will return to the cinema industry, and is protected and isolated from the world by Max, who was her director and husband in the past and still loves her. Norma proposes Joe to move to the mansion and help her in writing a screenplay for her comeback to the cinema, and the small-time writer becomes her lover and gigolo. When Joe falls in love for the young aspirant writer Betty Schaefer, Norma becomes jealous and completely insane and her madness leads to a tragic end.


William Holden (Joe Gillis)

William Holden

Gloria Swanson (Norma Desmond)

Gloria Swanson

Erich von Stroheim (Max Von Mayerling)

Erich von Stroheim

Nancy Olson (Betty Schaefer)

Nancy Olson

Fred Clark (Sheldrake)

Fred Clark

Lloyd Gough (Morino)

Lloyd Gough

Jack Webb (Artie Green)

Jack Webb

Franklyn Farnum (Undertaker)

Franklyn Farnum

Larry J. Blake (1st Finance Man (as Larry Blake))

Larry J. Blake

Charles Dayton (2nd Finance Man)

Charles Dayton

Cecil B. DeMille (Cecil B. DeMille)

Cecil B. DeMille

Hedda Hopper (Hedda Hopper)

Hedda Hopper

The Hollywood Myth FOREVER Shattered !!!
22 April 1999 | by

Until 1950, American films were strictly entertainment, some deeper than others. Studio executives were very protective of image and star-making. In essence, everything seemed perfect. Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett, and D.M. Marshman, Jr. created a stunning work of art that splits the Hollywood sign in two and exposed a dream factory for what it really is: a struggle to both gain and keep notoriety in the limelight. "Norma Desmond" and "Joe Gillis" are at opposite ends of this warped Hollywood mindset, with Gillis, played by that most cynical of actors, William Holden trying to pay the rent and Norma (Gloria Swanson) living a lie as a silent queen whose star burned "10,000 midnights ago". How a picture with such a snide look at the industry could come out in 1950 is simply mind-boggling, considering some of the light fodder that came out of Hollywood at the time. It has inspired many modern day disciples such as Altman's THE PLAYER, and Sonnenfeld's GET SHORTY, both of which took their vicious, hilarious parodies to the jugular of the movie capital of the world. SUNSET BLVD is the father of all socially oriented pictures regarding the movies and is by far the best.

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