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MPAA Rating:14A
Release Date:2018-05-11
Director:James McTeigue
Writer:Ryan Engle
Stars:Gabrielle Union, Billy Burke, Richard Cabral
Production:Breaking In Pictures, Will Packer Productions


A woman fights to protect her family during a home invasion.


Gabrielle Union (Shaun Russell)

Gabrielle Union

Billy Burke (Eddie)

Billy Burke

Richard Cabral (Duncan)

Richard Cabral

Ajiona Alexus (Jasmine Russell)

Ajiona Alexus

Levi Meaden (Sam)

Levi Meaden

Seth Carr (Glover Russell)

Seth Carr

Mark Furze (Peter)

Mark Furze

Jason George (Justin Russell)

Jason George

Christa Miller (Maggie Harris)

Christa Miller

Damien Leake (Isaac)

Damien Leake

Too serious for its own good
11 May 2018 | by

A film like this could have been lots of fun if it was self aware and made the effort, but it takes itself too seriously, presenting itself as dumb rather than cute. Good at times, but mostly not so much. Definitely one of the weaker thrillers this year.

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