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Release Date:2018-01-21
Director:Andrew Heckler
Writer:Andrew Heckler
Stars:Andrea Riseborough, Garrett Hedlund, Forest Whitaker
Production:Bill Kenwright Films, The Fyzz Facility, Unburdened Entertainment


Based on the inspiring true story of the bridging of one of the biggest racial divides imaginable. Mike Burden, a rising leader in Ku Klux Klan, attempts to break away from the Klan when the girl he falls in love with urges him to leave for the better life they can build together. When the Klan seeks Mike out for vengeance, an African American Reverend takes in Mike, his girlfriend and her son, protecting them, and accepting them into their community. Together, Burden and Kennedy fight to overcome the Klan's efforts.


Andrea Riseborough (Judy)

Andrea Riseborough

Garrett Hedlund (Mike Burden)

Garrett Hedlund

Forest Whitaker (Reverend Kennedy)

Forest Whitaker

Tom Wilkinson (Tom Griffin)

Tom Wilkinson

Tess Harper (Hazel)

Tess Harper

Usher Raymond (Clarence Brooks)

Usher Raymond

Austin Hébert (Clint)

Austin Hébert

Dexter Darden (Kelvin Kennedy)

Dexter Darden

Anna Colwell (Molly)

Anna Colwell

Crystal R. Fox (Janice Kennedy)

Crystal R. Fox

Jason Davis (Jameson)

Jason Davis

Robin Dyke (Race Car Owner)

Robin Dyke

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