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MPAA Rating:R
Release Date:1976-11-16
Director:Brian De Palma
Writers:Stephen King, Lawrence D. Cohen
Stars:Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving
Production:Red Bank Films


It's nearing the end of the school year. High school senior Carrie White is a social outcast, largely due to being unwise to the ways of the world based on her upbringing. Her mother, Margaret White, is a religious fanatic, her extreme views primarily targeted against sex, which she believes is a sin. She even believes natural associated processes such as menstruation are a sin, about which she has refused to mention to Carrie. Mrs. White's beliefs were taken to that extreme largely because of her own failed marriage and her husband Ralph long ago having run off with another woman. The only adult authority figure who tries to help Carrie with her life is her phys ed teacher, Miss Collins, who is nonetheless warned not to get too close to go against how Mrs. White chooses to raise Carrie, Mrs. White whose beliefs are well known in the community. An impromptu event that happens among Carrie's phys ed classmates against her leads to her classmates being punished. One of those students, ...


Sissy Spacek (Carrie)

Sissy Spacek

Piper Laurie (Margaret White)

Piper Laurie

Amy Irving (Sue Snell)

Amy Irving

William Katt (Tommy Ross)

William Katt

John Travolta (Billy Nolan)

John Travolta

Nancy Allen (Chris Hargensen)

Nancy Allen

Betty Buckley (Miss Collins)

Betty Buckley

P.J. Soles (Norma)

P.J. Soles

Priscilla Pointer (Mrs. Snell)

Priscilla Pointer

Sydney Lassick (Mr. Fromm)

Sydney Lassick

Stefan Gierasch (Mr. Morton)

Stefan Gierasch

Michael Talbott (Freddy)

Michael Talbott

Carrie: 8/10
13 October 2002 | by

Carrie boomed Sissy Spacek's and John Travolta's career. I understand why.

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