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MPAA Rating:18A
Release Date:2007-08-31
Director:Rob Zombie
Writers:Rob Zombie, John Carpenter
Stars:Scout Taylor-Compton, Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane
Production:Dimension Films, Nightfall Productions, Spectacle Entertainment Group


The residents of Haddonfield don't know it yet... but death is coming to their small sleepy town. Sixteen years ago, a ten year old boy called Michael Myers brutally kills his step father, his elder sister and her boyfriend. Sixteen years later, he escapes from the mental institution and makes his way back to his hometown intent on a murderous rampage pursued by Dr Sam Loomis who is Michael's doctor and the only one who knows Michael's true evil. Elsewhere a shy teenager by the name of Laurie Strode is babysitting on the night Michael comes home... is it pure coincidence that she and her friends are being stalked by him?


Malcolm McDowell (Dr. Samuel Loomis)

Malcolm McDowell

Brad Dourif (Sheriff Lee Brackett)

Brad Dourif

Tyler Mane (Michael Myers)

Tyler Mane

Daeg Faerch (Michael Myers, age 10)

Daeg Faerch

Sheri Moon Zombie (Deborah Myers)

Sheri Moon Zombie

William Forsythe (Ronnie White)

William Forsythe

Richard Lynch (Principal Chambers)

Richard Lynch

Udo Kier (Morgan Walker)

Udo Kier

Clint Howard (Doctor Koplenson)

Clint Howard

Danny Trejo (Ismael Cruz)

Danny Trejo

Lew Temple (Noel Kluggs)

Lew Temple

Tom Towles (Larry Redgrave)

Tom Towles

awful in every way possible.
1 May 2010 | by

I did not think you could take a masterpiece like Halloween 78 and turn it into pure garbage. But Rob Zombie did it. I don't know where to start. Nothing is remotely good or memorable. Acting was some of the worst I've ever seen. And don't get me started on the ending because it is one of if not worst endings in movie history!!! So if you liked that's fine but I'm glad I got the DVD as a gift because I would never pay money to see this piece of garbage. So just stick with the first 4 Halloween movies and stay as far away from this as you can. You have been warned.

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