Watch Halloween II (1981) Full Movie


MPAA Rating:R
Release Date:1981-10-30
Director:Rick Rosenthal
Writers:John Carpenter, Debra Hill
Stars:Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Charles Cyphers
Production:Dino De Laurentiis Company, Universal Pictures


In a continuation of the plot of Halloween, Michael Myers shows off his indestructability by resuming his murder spree despite being gunned down with six bullets in the original movie. Laurie Strode is once more his intended victim, with Dr. Sam Loomis again in hot pursuit.


Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode)

Jamie Lee Curtis

Donald Pleasence (Sam Loomis)

Donald Pleasence

Charles Cyphers (Leigh Brackett)

Charles Cyphers

Jeffrey Kramer (Graham)

Jeffrey Kramer

Lance Guest (Jimmy)

Lance Guest

Pamela Susan Shoop (Karen)

Pamela Susan Shoop

Hunter von Leer (Gary Hunt)

Hunter von Leer

Dick Warlock (The Shape / Patrolman #3)

Dick Warlock

Leo Rossi (Budd)

Leo Rossi

Gloria Gifford (Mrs. Alves)

Gloria Gifford

Tawny Moyer (Jill)

Tawny Moyer

Ana Alicia (Janet)

Ana Alicia

Just as scary as the original
26 June 1999 | by

As sequels go, this isn't a better movie than the original, but what it is and what it does well, it does really well. I have to say right away here that I was scared in this movie. There are some truly ingenious and horrific shots in this film. There are times when you really aren't expecting what's about to transpire, and when it does, it sends chills through you.

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