Watch Ibiza (2018) Full Movie

Comedy, Romance

Release Date:2018-05-25
Director:Alex Richanbach
Writer:Lauryn Kahn
Stars:Gwen Elizabeth Duchon, Gillian Jacobs, Michaela Watkins
Production:Gary Sanchez Productions, Good Universe


A young American woman and her two best friends seek out a hot DJ in Spain.


Gwen Elizabeth Duchon (Statue of Liberty)

Gwen Elizabeth Duchon

Gillian Jacobs (Harper)

Gillian Jacobs

Michaela Watkins (Sarah)

Michaela Watkins

Phoebe Robinson (Leah)

Phoebe Robinson

Vanessa Bayer (Nikki)

Vanessa Bayer

Félix Gómez (Diego (as Feliciano Gomez))

Félix Gómez

Tea Vracic (Aurora Club DJ)

Tea Vracic

Bojan Ban (

Bojan Ban

Richard Madden (Leo West)

Richard Madden

Tara Thaller (Leo Fan)

Tara Thaller

Marko Paradzik (DJ Booth Security)

Marko Paradzik

Ivan Devcic (Sound Guy)

Ivan Devcic

Do we have to take everything so seriously?
28 May 2018 | by

This movie was so much fun. It was laugh out loud funny, the cast had great chemistry, the storyline was silly and uncomplicated. I can't believe how negative the reviews are! Were people expecting an Oscar nominee? If you're looking for a fun hour and a half of hilarious drunken shenanigans and some sweet romantic moments, this movie will tick all of those boxes.

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