Watch Like Father (2018) Full Movie

Comedy, Drama

Release Date:2018-08-03
Director:Lauren Miller Rogen
Writers:Lauren Miller Rogen, Anders Bard
Stars:Kristen Bell, Danielle Davenport, Kimiko Glenn
Production:Lylas Pictures, Phiphen Pictures, aBard Production


A workaholic woman who is left at the altar takes her honeymoon trip anyway with her overachieving father who left her mother because he believed his family was holding back his career.


Kristen Bell (Rachel)

Kristen Bell

Danielle Davenport (Vanessa)

Danielle Davenport

Kimiko Glenn (Geena)

Kimiko Glenn

Wynter Kullman (Emily)

Wynter Kullman

Kelsey Grammer (Harry)

Kelsey Grammer

Brett Gelman (Frank Lerue)

Brett Gelman

Jon Foster (Owen)

Jon Foster

Elisabeth Ness (Rose)

Elisabeth Ness

Ralph Adriel Johnson (Creative Exec #2)

Ralph Adriel Johnson

Olivia Oguma (Creative Exec #1)

Olivia Oguma

Brian McCarthy (Ben)

Brian McCarthy

Keilly McQuail (Evie)

Keilly McQuail

Genuine and touching
3 August 2018 | by

I didn't find it slow at all and enjoyed every moment. Kelsey Grammer did not disappoint and made this movie especially good. I would recommend it to friends!

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