Watch Ocean's Thirteen (2007) Full Movie

Crime, Thriller

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Release Date:2007-06-08
Director:Steven Soderbergh
Writers:Brian Koppelman, David Levien
Stars:George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon
Production:Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, Jerry Weintraub Productions


The last time we saw Danny Ocean's crew, they were paying back ruthless casino mogul Terry Benedict after stealing millions from him. However, it's been a while since they've come back together, which is all about to change. When one of their own, Reuben Tishkoff, builds a hotel with another casino owner, Willy Bank, the last thing he ever wanted was to get cut out of the deal personally by the loathsome Bank. Bank's attitude even goes so far as to finding the amusement in Tishkoff's misfortune when the double crossing lands Reuben in the hospital because of a heart attack. However, Danny and his crew won't stand for Bank and what he's done to a friend. Uniting with their old enemy Benedict, who himself has a vendetta against Bank, the crew is out to pull off a major plan; one that will unfold on the night Bank's newest hot spot opens up. They're not in this for the money, but for the revenge.


George Clooney (Danny Ocean)

George Clooney

Brad Pitt (Rusty Ryan)

Brad Pitt

Matt Damon (Linus Caldwell / Lenny Pepperidge)

Matt Damon

Michael Mantell (Dr. Stan)

Michael Mantell

Elliott Gould (Reuben Tishkoff)

Elliott Gould

Ray Xifo (Reuben

Ray Xifo

Al Pacino (Willy Bank)

Al Pacino

Adam Lazarre-White (Bank

Adam Lazarre-White

Eddie Jemison (Livingston Dell)

Eddie Jemison

Don Cheadle (Basher Tarr)

Don Cheadle

Shaobo Qin (Yen)

Shaobo Qin

Casey Affleck (Virgil Malloy)

Casey Affleck

A Very Camp Macho Movie
26 June 2007 | by

Looks and rolling of the eyes, Oprah and all the rest. This guys are very questionable and I don't mean because they steal. They steal in a very civilized way, almost with a prim kind of detachment. George Clooney, which I love, is starting to look oldish and very feminine. was this on purpose? Brad Pitt is always chewing something and is always so close to Clooney that they could become a duo if not a pair. Matt Damon tries a nose but it won't have the repercussions of Nicole Kidman's. Here the nose is strictly four laughs and it almost succeeded. Ellen Barkin looks smashing for a woman of "her age" and rich, she looks rich. Andy Garcia walks through it well dressed and trying to cling on to something. His Oprah interview got me to laugh a little bit. Al Pacino, well, I don't know what to say. I'm not saying he should be angry with his director but should sue the Director Of Photography. At times he looked like my late aunt Margo. What was that? Listen, I'm not being facetious. I'm just treating the movie the way the movie treated me. Moronically. I got tired of seeing this rich actors make more money. This was my last Ocean, no matter how many more they throw my way.

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