Watch Papillon (2017) Full Movie

Biography, Crime, Drama

Release Date:2018-04-20
Director:Michael Noer
Writers:Henri Charrière, Aaron Guzikowski
Stars:Charlie Hunnam, Rami Malek, Eve Hewson
Production:Czech Anglo Productions, FishCorb Films, Red Granite Pictures


A prisoner detained on a remote island plots his escape. A remake of the 1973 film 'Papillon'.


Charlie Hunnam (Henri

Charlie Hunnam

Rami Malek (Louis Dega)

Rami Malek

Eve Hewson (Nenette)

Eve Hewson

Tommy Flanagan (Masked Breton)

Tommy Flanagan

Michael Socha (Julot)

Michael Socha

Brian Vernel (Guittou)

Brian Vernel

Roland Møller (Celier)

Roland Møller

Nina Senicar (Leper Woman)

Nina Senicar

Christopher Fairbank (Jean Castili)

Christopher Fairbank

Ian Beattie (Toussaint)

Ian Beattie

Yorick van Wageningen (Warden Barrot)

Yorick van Wageningen

Joel Basman (Maturette)

Joel Basman

A Decent Remake, Correctly Cast Actors, Good Direction
22 September 2017 | by

"Papillon" is based on a true story of a French thief who becomes friends with one of his fellow prison mates, and together they plan an escape. It is the remake of the 1973 movie of the same name.

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