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Action, Adventure, Fantasy

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Release Date:2003-07-09
Director:Gore Verbinski
Writers:Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio
Stars:Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom
Production:Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films


This swash-buckling tale follows the quest of Captain Jack Sparrow, a savvy pirate, and Will Turner, a resourceful blacksmith, as they search for Elizabeth Swann. Elizabeth, the daughter of the governor and the love of Will's life, has been kidnapped by the feared Captain Barbossa. Little do they know, but the fierce and clever Barbossa has been cursed. He, along with his large crew, are under an ancient curse, doomed for eternity to neither live, nor die. That is, unless a blood sacrifice is made.


Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow)

Johnny Depp

Geoffrey Rush (Barbossa)

Geoffrey Rush

Orlando Bloom (Will Turner)

Orlando Bloom

Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Swann)

Keira Knightley

Jack Davenport (Norrington)

Jack Davenport

Jonathan Pryce (Governor Weatherby Swann)

Jonathan Pryce

Lee Arenberg (Pintel)

Lee Arenberg

Mackenzie Crook (Ragetti)

Mackenzie Crook

Damian O

Damian O'Hare

Giles New (Murtogg)

Giles New

Angus Barnett (Mullroy)

Angus Barnett

David Bailie (Cotton)

David Bailie

9 August 2003 | by

This is a fantastic movie full action, adventure, humor and a hell of a lot more! The film is 2 hours and 40 minutes long, but that time flies by as you are transported into an awesome world of swashbuckling and sword fights.

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