Watch Pocket Listing (2015) Full Movie

Comedy, Crime, Thriller

MPAA Rating:R
Release Date:2016-12-01
Director:Conor Allyn
Writer:James Jurdi
Stars:James Jurdi, Logan Fahey, Caitlin Gerard
Production:Helios Productions (II), Mythmaker Productions, Sawhorse Productions


A satirical thriller about L.A.'s real estate roller coaster. Jack Woodman (James Jurdi) is a slick and hotshot Los Angeles property broker and real estate agent who appears on top of the world. But after getting greedy with a shady real estate deal, he ends up fired from a top broker firm R.E.G. by real-estate mogul Ron Glass (Burt Reynolds) and framed by Ron's menacing, drug-addled son, Aaron. As a result, Jack ends up being the owner of a rundown apartment slum building. One year later, the disgraced Jack is approached by a mysterious power player named Frank Hunter (Rob Lowe) and his sultry wife Lana (Jessica Clark) with an offer to discreetly market and sell their Malibu villa. However, more double crosses, adultery, murder, mistaken identity, crooked deals and revenge ensue as the question is always "who is scheming, using, and double crossing who?"


James Jurdi (Jack Woodman)

James Jurdi

Logan Fahey (Aaron Glass)

Logan Fahey

Caitlin Gerard (Jane)

Caitlin Gerard

Burt Reynolds (Ron Glass)

Burt Reynolds

Christos Vasilopoulos (Victor)

Christos Vasilopoulos

Jessica Clark (Lana Hunter)

Jessica Clark

Ken Davitian (Mr. Mousian)

Ken Davitian

Kwesi Boakye (Billy)

Kwesi Boakye

Noel Gugliemi (El Cabron)

Noel Gugliemi

Rob Lowe (Frank Hunter)

Rob Lowe

Frederick Cipoletti (Mr. Chips)

Frederick Cipoletti

Alejandro Salomon (The Shiek)

Alejandro Salomon

Sly, Snappish, and Satisfying
20 January 2015 | by

A shrewd script is nicely realized in this surprisingly funny and engaging little film which will hopefully garner the attention it deserves.

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