Watch Reaper (2014) Full Movie

Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi

Release Date:2015-06-06
Director:Wen-Han Shih
Writers:Mark James, James Jurdi
Stars:Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones, Jake Busey
Production:Helios Productions (II), Mythmaker Productions, Sawhorse Productions


A death row inmate survives his execution and returns as a supernatural force known as the "Reaper", an unholy creature that descends upon an unsuspecting town. This mysterious community is full of drifters and criminals (Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones) who must now band together to defeat the "Reaper" or perish into the depths of hell.


Danny Trejo (Jack)

Danny Trejo

Vinnie Jones (Rob)

Vinnie Jones

Jake Busey (Bill)

Jake Busey

Shayla Beesley (Natalie)

Shayla Beesley

James Jurdi (Brad)

James Jurdi

Christopher Judge (Officer Banks)

Christopher Judge

Justin Henry (Caine)

Justin Henry

William Shockley (Buck)

William Shockley

Gabriel Jarret (Joe)

Gabriel Jarret

Mike Michaels (The Reaper)

Mike Michaels

Ian Fisher (Vagabond)

Ian Fisher

Dustin Aremburg (Church Corpse)

Dustin Aremburg

Hell of a Good Time!
31 October 2014 | by

I sure hope "Reaper" finds an audience because it was a hoot from start to finish. People may be misled into thinking it's a stock, genre horror flick with the usual slasher kills. But the real surprise is that it's a refreshingly clever road/crime film with a murdering, supernatural beast in the background! Good times!

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