Watch Red Sparrow (2018) Full Movie


Release Date:2018-03-02
Director:Francis Lawrence
Writers:Justin Haythe, Jason Matthews
Stars:Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Mary-Louise Parker
Production:Chernin Entertainment, Film Rites, Soundtrack New York


A young Russian intelligence officer is assigned to seduce a first-tour CIA agent who handles the CIA's most sensitive penetration of Russian intelligence. The two young officers collide in a charged atmosphere of trade-craft, deception, and inevitably forbidden passion that threatens not just their lives but the lives of others as well.


Joel Edgerton (Nathaniel Nash)

Joel Edgerton

Jennifer Lawrence (Dominika Egorova)

Jennifer Lawrence

Mary-Louise Parker (Stephanie Boucher)

Mary-Louise Parker

Douglas Hodge (Maxim Volontov)

Douglas Hodge

Ciarán Hinds (Alexei Ivanovich Zyuganov)

Ciarán Hinds

Jeremy Irons (Korchnoi)

Jeremy Irons

Joely Richardson (Nina)

Joely Richardson

Matthias Schoenaerts (Vanya Egorov)

Matthias Schoenaerts

Charlotte Rampling ()

Charlotte Rampling

Thekla Reuten ()

Thekla Reuten

Sergei Polunin (Konstantin)

Sergei Polunin

Joel de la Fuente ()

Joel de la Fuente

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