Watch Slender Man (2018) Full Movie


Release Date:2018-05-18
Director:Sylvain White
Writers:David Birke, Victor Surge
Stars:Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, Annalise Basso
Production:Mythology Entertainment, Madhouse Entertainment


Slender Man tells the story of a tall, thin, horrifying figure with unnaturally long arms and a featureless face, who is reputed to be responsible for the haunting and disappearance of countless children and teens.


Javier Botet (Slenderman)

Javier Botet

Joey King (Wren)

Joey King

Julia Goldani Telles (Hallie)

Julia Goldani Telles

Annalise Basso ()

Annalise Basso

Jaz Sinclair (Chloe)

Jaz Sinclair

Kevin Chapman (Mr. Jensen)

Kevin Chapman

Kayla Caulfield (High School Student)

Kayla Caulfield

Michael Reilly Burke (Hallie

Michael Reilly Burke

Alex Fitzalan (Tom)

Alex Fitzalan

Taylor Richardson (Lizzie)

Taylor Richardson

Jessica Blank (Hallie

Jessica Blank

Oscar Wahlberg ()

Oscar Wahlberg

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