Watch SuperFly (2018) Full Movie

Action, Crime, Thriller

MPAA Rating:18A
Release Date:2018-06-15
Director:Director X.
Writers:Alex Tse, Phillip Fenty
Stars:Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell, Lex Scott Davis
Production:Columbia Pictures, Silver Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)


When Priest, a young but experienced coke dealer in Atlanta, realizes it's time to get out of the trade, he risks it all on one last score. Double-crossing his mentor, Priest heads to Mexico to connect with the cartel that serves as the source of his product.


Trevor Jackson (Youngblood Priest)

Trevor Jackson

Jason Mitchell (Eddie)

Jason Mitchell

Michael Kenneth Williams (Scatter)

Michael Kenneth Williams

Lex Scott Davis (Georgia)

Lex Scott Davis

Jennifer Morrison (Detective Mason)

Jennifer Morrison

Kaalan Walker (Juju (as Kaalan

Kaalan Walker

Esai Morales (Adalberto Gonzalez)

Esai Morales

Andrea Londo (Cynthia)

Andrea Londo

Big Bank Black (Q)

Big Bank Black

Big Boi (Mayor Atkins (as Antwan

Big Boi

Jacob Ming-Trent (Fat Freddy)

Jacob Ming-Trent

Brian F. Durkin (Officer Turk Franklin (as Brian Durkin))

Brian F. Durkin

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