Watch Unicorn Store (2017) Full Movie


Release Date:2017
Director:Brie Larson
Writer:Samantha McIntyre
Stars:Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Joan Cusack
Production:51 Entertainment, District, The, Rhea Films (II)


A woman named Kit receives a mysterious invitation that would fulfill her childhood dreams.


Brie Larson (Kit)

Brie Larson

Samuel L. Jackson (The Salesman)

Samuel L. Jackson

Joan Cusack (Gladys)

Joan Cusack

Bradley Whitford (Gene)

Bradley Whitford

Ryan Hansen (Brock)

Ryan Hansen

Martha MacIsaac (Sabrina)

Martha MacIsaac

Karan Soni (Kevin)

Karan Soni

Hamish Linklater (Gary)

Hamish Linklater

Susan Park (Angie)

Susan Park

Mary Holland ()

Mary Holland

Annaleigh Ashford (Crystal)

Annaleigh Ashford

Emily Robinson (Karen)

Emily Robinson

Delightful, Quirky and Charming
28 September 2017 | by

Immersed in a magical realm of glitter, rainbows and unicorns, Kit radiates happiness and positive energy to the outside world. Yet darkness begins to creep into her life. Kit is rejected from art school, cannot find a job or mate, and is subjected to constant needling from parents who are encouraging her to leave the nest. In the face of such pressure, feeling unappreciated and losing faith in her dreams and artistic abilities, Kit displays uncharacteristic behavior. She slips on a bleak business suit and obtains a job at a soul snuffing ad agency with a creepy boss. This is when mysterious invitations arrive at Kit's desk luring her into believing in unicorns again. Friends and family consider an intervention as Kit responds to the invitations, begins building a stable worthy of a unicorn and prepares to smother her unicorn with love.

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